Perry Doubles Down on the Indefensible:

“I don’t think it was a mistake at all to have a vision of how to move people and produce safely and expeditiously in the state of Texas,” he said during the debate.

Perry on TTC and eminent domain


That could make Perry’s sales job easier in 2011, when, if re-elected, his aides said he would try to put Texas back on the path to private toll roads. “Absolutely, the governor is going to keep pushing, pushing for putting this tool back in the box,” Heckmann said. “If he had waited for the Legislature to raise taxes or for Congress to send us back an even return on what we send to Washington in gas taxes, then nothing would ever get built.”

Kris Heckmann, Perry’s deputy chief of staff and transportation expert



And Texans Strike Back…

“It was inconceivable to us that the Governor that has stood in front of Farm Bureau members at dozens of meetings, who was professing his support for property rights, turned his back on farmers and ranchers and property owners.”

Kenneth Dierschke, president of Texas Farm Bureau


Activist Terri Hall of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom is among those unconvinced the Trans-Texas Corridor is dead, noting lawmakers did not remove the idea from state law this year and pointing to the continuation of I-69.

“The Trans-Texas Corridor is not dead until Rick Perry is no longer governor of the state of Texas,” she said.

Activist Terri Hall of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom


“Our goal is to see that Texans enjoy real protection for their private property but, unfortunately, some last-minute changes to Prop 11 mean that it doesn’t do everything voters might think it does,” said Matt Miller, executive director of the Institute for Justice Texas Chapter. “One provision that was added at the eleventh hour allows the Legislature to grant the power of eminent domain to any entity—public or private. That means a future Legislature could give a stadium developer or shopping mall developer the power to condemn private homes and businesses. Prop 11 would enshrine that power in our state’s constitution.”

Matt Miller, executive director of IJ Texas Chapter on Prop 11


“With this veto, Governor Perry has left every home, farm, ranch and small business owner vulnerable to the abuse of eminent domain,” said Steven Anderson, director of the Institute for Justice’s Castle Coalition, a national grassroots advocacy group committed to ending the private-to-private transfer of property using eminent domain.

Steven Anderson on the 2007 eminent domain bill veto by Gov. Perry