Truth is, he had his own plans for our land all along.

Rick Perry and his rich pals wanted to build 4,000 miles of mega-highway over a million and half acres of prime, productive Texas farmland. OUR farmland. Over a million people would have been kicked out of their homes, ranches & businesses.

Behind closed doors, a contract worth billions was signed with a Spanish company to pave clear across the state and collect tolls for the next 50 years.

After he sold us out, Perry’s war chest swelled with millions from his big business buddies who stood to grow even richer off the deal.

But citizens revolted against this outrage of cronyism and government overreach.

The legislature tried to stand up for Texas families by passing a law to protect homes and farms, but Perry vetoed it.

But just this year, only days after he won his primary, transportation officials announced a proposal to extend a major toll road in Austin (SH-130) north towards the Waco area – following the same route as Perry’s Trans-Texas Corridor! 


Don’t leave Texas homes at risk.

Tell Rick Perry to keep his hands off our land.